Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Vintage Afterlife: Tier-y Eyed

Obama's presidential win and subsequent speech moved me (and probably half the world) to tears last night. On a much smaller scale of global significance but nevertheless very dear to my heart and home, my recent Mauerpark fleamarket find has also brought tiers to my eyes.

Tea hee hee...Aren't I punny? ;o)

I scored this lovely little cakestand (which is a mere 25 cm tall) for a single euro (gasp). And I can't wait to back to Mauerpark next Sunday and treasure hunt for more! But I never have afternoon tea parties (if anything, I invite friends over for German-style coffee and cake), so here are some fun, non-trad uses I've come up with:

in the entryway:
pocket change, lip balm, keys
(the little things you always need but can
never find when you're sprinting out the door)

on the dressing table:
earrings and brooches
(perfect for rings too!)

on your desk:
binder clips, plastic tabs, rolls of tape
(makes any 9-to-5 a delight!)

in the bathroom:
bobby pins, tweezers and dental floss, cotton pads and q-tips
(the ultimate accessoire for any bathing beauty!)

and back in the entryway:
aspirin tablets, cough drops, Emergen-C
(I had these as "party favors" for guests at
my karaoke cocktail party the other week!)

XO Immaculate Drea

P.S. Stay tuned for more ideas on incorporating your vintage finds into your home decorating. And for more storage and other diy decorating tips, check out my blog "Drea is My Homegirl!" here!

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